Partial success anyway!

Took Mumbles Belle out today & she never overheated nor used any coolant which is a positive. She still used more oil than I like but the patent oil leak additive I put in the oil doesn't become totally effective until after 300km, so I will persevere with it for s while.

Fishing today was good with plenty of good size dabs & whiting & the weather was like a summers day. We fished all day in the same spot & the fish seemed to come in waves, when we felt like moving we would have a flurry of activity to stir us up. Even a first time novice "Louie" as Peter named him had a bagfull of fish to take home on his very first trip, despite arriving at the boat with a brand new road & reel, 1 hook, & 1 weight, & a bag of "seafood mixed platter" as bait but by the end of the day he was well into it!


Victor Lilygreen

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