Oystercat Sat 3rd April 2021
2021-04-03 18:02 We tried to run up off Aberthaw but after rounding Nash Point it was clear that the weatherman had got the forecast wrong again, the easterly wind was closer to 20mph rather than the 2mph forecast, so we dropped back onto the ray mark. Again, it took a couple of hours for them to start feeding heavily but we finished up with around 30 rays, mostly small eye and spotted. We finished the day on an inshore wreck where we had good numbers of conger to 18lb or so before needing to head in for the last lock.
Oystercat Fri 2nd April 2021
2021-04-02 18:01 We started the day on the smoothhounds but despite having loads of crab we only managed to boat one. Once the tide eased enough, we tried to head offshore but it was far too rough so we came back in and dropped on the clean ground for some rays. It took about 2 hrs for them to come on the feed properly but we ended the day with approximately 40 rays, mostly small eyed rays but a couple of blondes too. The weather had eased by low water, so we went back offshore and added thornbacks and congers to the tally for the day.
April 2021 - Lockdown Slowly being lifted
2021-04-01 11:01 Although the Marina is open again, we are still limited to a maximum of 6 people from 2-households meeting outdoors. This effectively limits the boats to just skipper and crew. Dean has gone on a few trips on this basis. Hopefully this household limit will be increased soon.
Oystercat Wed 31st March 2021
2021-03-31 18:00 Morning trip only - locked out on the first lock, straight down to oxwich where we found some dabs on the knoll, along with spotted and thornback rays. When the tide picked up we moved further inshore where we found good numbers of dabs (and good size), small whiting and a few dogs. We ran out of bait so we ran back to catch the lock @ 13:30 before the lock closures happened.
Oystercat Sat 20th March 2021
2021-03-20 17:58 Dean & Craig tried a couple of our more `known` areas for codling and rays locally but only dogs and 2 small eye rays to be found. We ran offshore where we had awesome sport with spurdogs to 20lb, huss, blonde ray, thornback, smoothhounds and conger eels.     
Oystercat Thursday 18 Mar 2021
2021-03-18 17:56 First shake-down trip, after going through some advanced checks and making everything good to go we ran down to Oxwich as the sea was fairly flat. A couple of dabs, dogs and a big three bearded rocking, nothing much more to brag about.
2021-01-14 15:54 Wales has been on full lockdown since December 20th.   No boats trips are currently possible as the marina and locks are closed.
Oystercat Monday Dec 7th 2020
2020-12-07 20:46 After a mix up between skippers we set off two short onto a nice sea condition day. Looks like the old tale of easterly winds struck true for us for today. A nice Huss of 11.5lb 8mins after dropping a big bait got us thinking there may be more but NO 20/30 whiting and a dog every 10 mins was the rest of the day. Only strange thing we had 6 congers to 30 inches so they are breeding fine by the looks of things. Not a good trip but better than staying at home. Poor picture of a nice Huss kept trying to bite me. John E    
Oystercat Sun Dec 6th 2020 +
2020-12-06 22:50 Pretty productive day aboard the Oystercat today, we started the day out wide where we had some spurs and dogs over high water. Once the tide picked up we went inshore where we had dabs and a few whiting before moving back offshore to finish the day, here it went a bit potty with whiting coming in 2-3 at a time, including some jumbos along with dabs, strap congers and dogs. Everyone had plenty to take home and the sun shone all day, what more would you want.   Dean Gifford        
Mumbles Belle Sunday Dec 6th
2020-12-06 22:46 Partial success anyway! Took Mumbles Belle out today & she never overheated nor used any coolant which is a positive. She still used more oil than I like but the patent oil leak additive I put in the oil doesn't become totally effective until after 300km, so I will persevere with it for s while. Fishing today was good with plenty of good size dabs & whiting & the weather was like a summers day. We fished all day in the same spot & the fish seemed to come in waves, when we felt like moving we would have a flurry of activity to stir us up. Even a first time novice "Louie" as Peter named hi...
Oystercat Sunday Nov 29th
2020-11-29 22:53 Fairly slow start to the day today, dogfish were out in force! We tried a number of different marks but other than some huss, small straps and pin whiting, dogs made up the bulk of the catch, often taking the baits within seconds of it hitting the bottom. Thankfully, in the afternoon we finally found good numbers of large whiting, insize dabs and pouting which were able to get to the baits before the dogs. The boys all had a bag of fish to take home, sea was flat, weather was great - worse ways spend a Sunday!   Dean.
Oystercat Tuesday Nov 24th +
2020-11-24 22:55 We had a lovely long range trip on Sunday aboard the Oystercat. Aberthaw was slow to start but picked up towards low water; we had thornbacks, congers, blondes, dogs and one spur before lifting the anchor and running across the channel for the ebb. At minehead we had lots of congers, more dogs, small eye ray and a few spurs. We stopped close to home on the way back but only dogs and one whiting to show for the last hour. Conditions were great, fishing was just ok for the time of year but you can’t have it all!   Dean.         
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